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कार्यालय प्रमुख/गुनासाे सुन्ने अधिकारी



रिंकु कुमारि
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About us

This Ayurveda health center located in Chame, the headquarters of Manang district, which is known as the district beyond the Himalayas, has been providing Ayurveda services since 2057 B.S. The center has been providing daily OPD  services as well as therapeutic yoga services, distribution of milk-enhancing drugs to lactating mothers, senior citizen services, Poorvakarma services, etc. In addition to this, lifestyle modificaton and yoga, School Ayurveda education and yoga, free Ayurveda and alternative medicine camps, and orientation to traditional health workers are continuously being provided.


* दैनिक आयुर्वेद एवं योग सेवा प्रवाह गर्ने * नागरिक आरोग्य कार्यक्रम संचालन गर्ने * स्वस्थ मनांग अभियान संचालन गर्ने * स्वस्थ जीवनशैली, जेष्ठ नागरिक सेवा, स्तनपायी आमा कार्यक्रम, पुर्वकर्म कार्यक्रम संचालन * परम्परागत स्वास्थ्यकर्मी अभिमुखीकरण * महिला स्वयंसेविकाहरुलाई आयुर्वेद सेवा सम्बन्धि अभिमुखीकरण गरि सेवा प्रभावकारी बनाउने * जिल्ला स्थित स्थानीय तह एवं कार्यालयहरु संग समन्वय गरि आयुर्वेद सेवा विस्तार * विद्यालय आयुर्वेद तथा योग शिक्षा कार्यक्रम संचालन, आदि .


"मेरो स्वास्थ्य मेरो जिम्मेवारी" एवं "म स्वस्थ मेरो देश स्वस्थ" भन्ने नाराको पालन गरि/ गराई स्वस्थ मनांग निर्माण गर्ने.


स्वस्थ मनांग.

आयुर्वेद तथा वैकल्पिक चिकित्सा विभाग

Department of Ayurveda and Alternative Medicine (DoAA) one of the three departments of the ministry of health and population(mohp) is responsible for programming ,management of information and supervision ,monitoring and evalution of delivery of ayurveda service and promotes healthy life style through its networks facilities all across the country. The system works through simple and theraputic measures along with promotive and rehablitative health of people.Ayurveda health sedrvices are being delivered through 382 institutions under Department of Ayurveda across the country.


पछिल्ला भिडियोहरु

Manang Ayurved